Michael Ramsden

Michael Ramsden

Born in March 1947 in Sydney, Australia
Attended the National Art School, Sydney, 1963 to 1965.

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney “Western Gothic”
2005 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney “Hunter Paintings”
2003 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney ‘First Glimpse: High Mountain Streams’
2001 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1998 Gallery Gunti, Berlin, ‘Castaway’
1995 Samlung Stöber Kutsche Haus, Berlin, ‘Elemente’
1994 Freie Kunst Schule, Berlin, ‘Essence’
1993 BFG Gallery, Berlin, ‘Checkpoint Berlin’
1992 Television Tower, Alexander Platz, Berlin, ‘Vertigo’
1989 William Mora Galllery, Melbourne ‘A Heretic’s Diary:
THAILAND’ and ‘Down But Not Out: TASMANIA’
1987 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney, ‘Rivers’
1986 Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane,
1985 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1984 Mori Gallery, Sydney
1979 Frank Watters Gallery, Sydney
1974 Tolarno Gallery, Melbourne
1971 Clytie Jessop Gallery, London
1969 Clytie Jessop Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions

2007 The Big Drawing Show” Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney
1993 Commitments, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
1990 Balance, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane
1986 Contemporary Australian Artists
(touring exhibition from the Ansett Collection)
Nieman Marcus Australian Exposition, Dallas
Australian Ceramics, Manly Gallery, Sydney
1982 Contemporary Australian ceramics, David Reid Gallery
1980 SH Irvine Gallery, Sydney
1970 Siggie Krauss Gallery, London
1967 Clune Gallery, Sydney

Major Projects

1986-87 In 1986, Michael Ramsden and Graham Oldroyd were commissioned by the Parliament House Construction Authority for Mitchell, Giurgola and Thorpe Architects, to produce a major artwork for the New Parliament House in Canberra. This collaborative work is one of the major artworks produced in Australia during the last decade.

1987 Ceramics and Architecture – a film jointly produced by the ABC and the Powerhouse Museum.
Produced and commissioned artwork for the Darling Harbour Construction Authority in collaboration with Jenny Kee and Graham Oldroyd.

1981 Art Concept and Set Design for Flamingo Park Fashion Parade, Jamieson St Nightclub, Sydney.

1980 Art Concept and Set Design for Flamingo Park Fashion Parade, Sydney Town Hall.

1979 Art Concept and Set Design for Flamingo Park Fashion Parade, Seymour Centre, Sydney.

1975 Art Concept and Set Design for Flamingo Park Fashion Parade, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney.


Myers Collection, Phillip Morris Collection, National Gallery of Victoria, Ansett Collection, Artbank, Osaka City Council, Johns Baker Collection, Private Collections in Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Italy & Germany.


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